Debut Chapbook Signed Asbestos as runner-up for the Erbacce Prize 2015


This is a varied work of art, that restlessly moves from style to style, form to form, voice to voice, in its refusal of injustice and its attempted redemption through the beauty of sound (both in English and Welsh), the articulation of syntax and image, and in its explorations of page-space, a space that cannot compensate for the lost space of inundation. A flood that is fire is opposed to swimming that is also flying. This debut collection by one of our most talented young poets works as collective memory, and as a hopeful move towards the linguistic and cultural future of Wales. And towards her own. 

Prof. Robert Sheppard

‘Borton’s project here is more than just homage or witness – it is testimony: “All that is flooded is fire.” Balanced between two tongues,her language reveals lost intimacies,histories that are quite literally submerged. Careful and balanced, but unflinching, as if precipiced and threatening to spill, Borton’s poetry operated within the tradition of Muriel Rukeyser and Charles Reznikoff. It is vigilant and exact, and unafraid of the violence of its own truth. This is brave,oracular work that demands to be heard, that sounds its warnings, that survives. ‘

Dr. Sandeep Parmar BaMAPhD, Liverpool University




‘Hidden in Plain Sight’ – Chester Pride, 2017



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