NaPoWriMo #3: Pray, come.

Woman, come by the river to pray.Pull Damp ragCrimson tidefrom your teething jaw/rawand bathe. Feel the waterraise/riseit is purer after you pray. Hand to kneefeel the rip of earthclot/clod at the rootsof weeds and push/pull. The river will erode/corrodethe limitations of its banksand return to the sea. The illusion/stability of land will ceasebuilt upon chalk/drawnagainst … Continue reading NaPoWriMo #3: Pray, come.

NoPoWriMo #2: Found Poem

Found Play cook peas Freezing taste near prayer. Brothers Conversation say Danger. Too late Tower block swallow Field mission, brave walking. Poor crawling always                Found Cloud This will not run out This strange dark Highly present here.  This poem was inspired by an exercise at #WordsFirst with BBC1Xtra at Contact MCR  Continue reading NoPoWriMo #2: Found Poem