NaPoWriMo #3: Pray, come.

Woman, come by the river to pray.
Pull Damp rag
Crimson tide
from your teething jaw/raw
and bathe.

Feel the water
it is purer after you pray.

Hand to knee
feel the rip of earth
clot/clod at the roots
of weeds and push/pull.

The river will erode/corrode
the limitations of its banks
and return to the sea.

The illusion/stability of land will cease
built upon chalk/drawn
against dark cavern face
illuminated only by lamplight/moonnight.

The River cuts down the fa├žade of rock
to view its self-portrait
The Rock as a lover
breaks the confines of its frame to accommodate
harmony with the breeze.

Women, come by the river to pray.
See the true reflection of sisters in the time/sand
loosen the noose tension/lead weight beneath your chin
and pray.