NoPoWriMo #2: Found Poem

Found Play cook peas Freezing taste near prayer. Brothers Conversation say Danger. Too late Tower block swallow Field mission, brave walking. Poor crawling always                Found Cloud This will not run out This strange dark Highly present here.  This poem was inspired by an exercise at #WordsFirst with BBC1Xtra at Contact MCR  Advertisements Continue reading NoPoWriMo #2: Found Poem

Where the Words Went

I’m very privileged to have people who notice.It reminds me to keep posting, to keep writing and keep pressing onwards. Creativity like any other beast of existing comes in waves. There are times where I am boiling over with productivity, quick firing emails to anyone how will listen, touring open mics and generally making a … Continue reading Where the Words Went


I have recently discovered a lot of old writing from High School, I’m actually a bit impressed with 12  year old me.  The first ‘real’ poem I wrote, from 2004                      It It walked through  the door, It walked on the grass. It looked to the … Continue reading It