Review: Sign my Citalopram by Hannah Chutzpah

Sign my Citalopram is a collection of poems from Hannah Churzpah’s one woman touring show ‘Asking Nicely’ / ‘Confidence Tricks’. At it’s heart the collection is an exploration of permission. How that effects us individually and socially, about how we navigate modern society and ultimately how we navigate ourselves through this minefield of permissions, both … Continue reading Review: Sign my Citalopram by Hannah Chutzpah

NaPoWriMo #3: Pray, come.

Woman, come by the river to pray.Pull Damp ragCrimson tidefrom your teething jaw/rawand bathe. Feel the waterraise/riseit is purer after you pray. Hand to kneefeel the rip of earthclot/clod at the rootsof weeds and push/pull. The river will erode/corrodethe limitations of its banksand return to the sea. The illusion/stability of land will ceasebuilt upon chalk/drawnagainst … Continue reading NaPoWriMo #3: Pray, come.