Englynion series: Cardiff


Take your time, enjoy it here.
Castle whispers in your ear.
Old meets new, it’s any year
This is an Englyn Milwr, the rhyme scheme is a,a,a or monorhyme (which is when all end rhymes are the same) and each line contains 7 syllables (that is the tricky bit).  This type of Englyn was popularized in the first world war and is also known as the Soldiers Englyn. The content is normally used to either praise or mock a person or as a declaration on love. 
Here I use the Englyn to appraise Cardiff. I spent yesterday wandering around the city, something that I don’t get to do often. I particularly like the clash of the old and new. On the edge of the city is Cardiff Castle,which blends with the horizon beyond the city and out across Bute park. In the middle is a labyrinth of side alleys, arcades, shops, streets and people and an eclectic mix of high end shops, high street regulars, independent and charity shops.  There are three theaters, St. David’s Hall, the Royal Welsh and the universities. It’s a small city but one which seems open to younger generations, as if waiting for people to come and put their mark across it. It also stretches out towards the bay but I haven’t been there for a while. Whenever I venture to the capital I feel a sense of ‘welshness’ that bordering on a hallmark card. 

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