Englynion series: Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus i pawb: Happy Sant David’s Day everyone.

Sporting my spiffy Welsh Ladies Hat

 I love Wales. My mother is not from Wales, and I’m from the north. At times I struggle with my Welshness, but it is unignorable. There is an acceptance here for the creative which I haven’t witnessed elsewhere (as the second photograph describes). Possibilities open up here, creative minds stumble upon each other in alleyways. Half of the people in the street are writers, the other half are musicians.

Throughout March I will be posting a series of Englynion (which are the British / Welsh equivalent of the haiku). I will discuss all things Cymru I have come to love and hate.

For now however I will leave you with the first Englyn I wrote,        inspired by a brilliant poet and tutor Andrew Taylor and                 published in Erbacce‘s 2012 summer issue.

 This is the poem that began my acceptance of and passion for English language Welsh poetry, a discovery I am grateful to for revolutionising my voice in poetry and leading me down the garden path.

I’m not nearly as Welsh as an Englyn,
Nor it’s cynhanedd.
Mae hen wlad fy nhadau, Lloegr,
but I sing, yr ddraig goch, within.

This is a very rough Englyn, styled between Robert Davies’  the Penfyr. I will also be trying different styles including the milwr, crych and lleddfbroest.

   I’m not nearly as Welsh as an Englyn
 Nor it’s cynhanedd 
(essentially it’s harmony, but more to come of this)
    The land of my fathers, England, 
    but I sing, the red dragon, within.


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