People + Poetry

‘People just don’t read poetry’

‘Poetry is hard’
‘Poetry is dead’
I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently. About people who find poetry. People who ignore poetry. About people mainly and their interaction with poetry.
‘People don’t read poetry’ in the last day or so I’ve been exploring Cardiff and Aberdare. As is necessary I’ve wandered into 6/7 book selling places, out of these 2 sold poetry. Mostly it was a poor effort. Mainly anthologies with names like The Nations Love Poems or The Poems You Can’t Remember. A lot of effort goes into them I’m sure but I’m hardly ever given the opportunity to experience new names or even non-romantic poets! Maybe people aren’t being given the means to experience poetry; particularly in small towns. Even worse, they are being put off by the archaic, 
unrelatable poetry that was rammed down their parched throats in school!
‘Poetry is hard’ lets go here next. Poetry IS hard. It’s also easy, it’s unrelenting, it’s romantic and selfish and giving. Poetry is anything you want it to be; and it’s all around us, all the time. Your twitter rants rammed into 140 characters or whatever is poetry and flash fiction (you know the type)! Road signs and shorthand; it’s all there. I see poetry as your ability to come to terms with the language around you, and within you. So yes; poetry is hard but it’s necessary and it’s yours.
it’s alive and kicking
straight in the lips.
ing your skin 
and your teeth
as you take a big old bite.

Doesn’t the syrup just bite back?

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