2013 – 2014

I enjoy Monday’s. I like the possibilities, that even though the last week may have been awful or at least not what you expected Monday will always come around again and breathe fresh air into the week. So, you can imagine my excitement at the new year! Initially I was upset, a vast majority of my time working (read: Facebooking) I read continual status’ about the negativity towards resolution’s, the anger infused by people expressing their opinions about 2013 and their aspirations for 2014 and I think to myself, why? I read more  status’ slamming these status’ then the status’ under fire. So, to combat all of these status’ I have a blog post of resolution, promise and aspirations to spark your 2014.

(On a side note: I think it’s very important for writers to have resolutions. Writing, I think, is all about personal exploration, of trying out scenario’s and living them in the eyes of the characters for both the writer and the reader. A new year then is another chance to start again and be the person you want to be. My hope is that when I look back I will have been many people, but most of all myself.)

– I plan to write more coherently, rather than working on scraps. Something to hold and have formed by 2015.

– I want to submit more (See my other blog post about my first submission and rejection) I spend a lot of time hunting out magazine’s to submit to that sit in my bookmarks until I have ‘the perfect piece’ but it never really exists, I should just go for it.

– Working less is not on the cards, I’m a bit of a workaholic, but the time I have off I plan to spend more wisely. Incorporated into this is going to see more plays and see my friend more which I have, unfortunately, neglected for work.

Those really are my resolutions, in there somewhere is the usual loose weight, eat better, go to the gym, buy more nice things, read more, but those carry year to year.

I’d also like to send 2013 off in the best way by acknowledging the things that have been great:

– I graduated with a 2:1 in English Literature and Creative Writing
– I made it ‘official’ with my very supportive boyfriend Luke Davies (Wales Strongest Man under 90kg)
– I have 2 new jobs at a comedy club and a football ground
– I have started my Masters in Creative Writing, and have made good progress I hope.
– I moved house and made Preston my official home.
-There are great people in my life and more to discover.

Have a great 2014 guys, there will be lots more here to see.


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