Bookshelf Organisation.

Yesterday myself and my partner took on the dreaded task of merging our bookshelves! It took an entire day but this is the result. I can’t decide if we’re a bit awesome or a bit sad that is was such an adventure! (Pssst. It means we’re awesome!). This is my entire book collection and about half of Luke’s, so we’ll definitely have to buy another book case. I googled different ways to organise them so I thought I’d make a post about how we did it. We organised them in medium first so fiction, poetry, plays, art books, text books and other, and then we split them into genre from literary fiction to sci-fi, classics. We were going to alphabetise them but we have quite a lot of odd shaped books and Luke is a big collector of hardbacks so that’s why it looks a bit haphazard. I quite like it that way. The next plan in the library is to get another bookcase and maybe a display case or some book stands to display the special copies and make it more or a feature wall. That is the only wall that is free in the room I also have my piano and violin in there plus the desk and computer etc. I’m quite impressed with our little collection.

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